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Bar Reinforing Mesh

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Bar Reinforing Mesh

Material: Carbon steel or stainless steel
Feature: High tension strength
Application: Big projects which use cement or concrete.

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Product Description

Bar Reinforcing Mesh also know as rebar mesh, mesh reinforcement, BRC mesh, concrete mesh, cement mesh. It is made withhot-rolled ribbed steel (rebar)by welded together to formasquare or mesh opeings, by size of max 2.4m, length up to 6m,mainly used in concrete project to reinforcing the concrete strength, it iswidely used in big projects which use cement or concrete.

Specifications of reinforcing mesh

Material: carbon steel or stainless steel.

Surface treatment: galvanized.


Concrete mesh heavy type (diameter of rods above 10 mm).

Light type (diameter of rods from 3 mm up to 10 mm).

Mesh shape: rectangular or square.

Distance between rods: 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 mm.

Mesh sheet width: 650–3800 mm.

Mesh sheet length: 850–12000 mm.

Standard reinforcing mesh size: 2 × 4 m, 3.6 × 2 m, 4.8 × 2.4 m, 6 × 2.4 m.